Survivor Cast Ranking- Final Seven

AAAAAAAAAAH. WHAT A FANTASTIC EPISODE. Caleb was blindsided, Ciera was a Goddess, and Katie was… just kind of there?

Anyway, down to the ranking!

7. Katie- She’s hanging on by the skin of her teeth at this point. Which should be great for her, but she’s just so bland on TV that it’s hard to pull for her for any reason other than her situation. Everybody loves an underdog, and Katie’s struggle is great. But at the same time, her personality and demeanor are just so calm and relaxed that it’s hard to get excited about her.

6. Caleb- On the bottom again, even though he got eliminated. I feel like if he had gotten more airtime throughout the season, he would have been a lot higher. But alas, I think his relatively low-energy demeanor held him back, same as Katie. Both probably wouldn’t have been cast if it hadn’t been for their loved ones, which is fine, since both have brought different things to the season. Without Caleb, Brad and Monica might be dominating the game right now, (Which would be a lot less interesting). So I’m thankful that he was on the season, but I’m not shedding any tears about his elimination.

5. Monica- Immunity Goddess! GET IT. GET IT GIRL. I’m so surprised that her edit has dropped down, because I’d expect her to get tons of airtime due to her winning streak. I hope her paranoia doesn’t get the best of her, and I hope that others don’t see her a jury goat. I really do think that she can make a case to win. Do I think she will? I don’t know, it really depends who she’s up with. But I hope she gets a legitimate shot and doesn’t turn into a Sherri.

4. Gervase- If Gervase was shown a bit more, I think he’d be in the top spot. Unfortunately, we only see his reactions to other people’s plans, not him coming up with really complex plans of his own, (Which isn’t true, he was probably out there strategizing 24/7. But it’s all about what the editors choose to show).  He’s just this chill, relaxed guy who’s put himself into a great strategic position. I hope that he gets credit if he makes Final 3, (Which he probably will), and that he won’t just be seen as Tyson’s goat. Because I think that Gervase plays a BIG part in the alliance and I’m sad that we aren’t being shown that half.

3. Hayden- FINALLY, we get to see Hayden start to struggle in the game. My problem with Hayden in BB was that he was never in real danger. It’s hard to root for somebody who’s basically guaranteed a win, (yeah, I’m also looking at Kim from One World). Hayden’s a really cool guy who’s incredibly adept at strategizing, and now we get to see what he can do with his back up against the wall. I’m excited!

2. Tyson- I continue to love Tyson. I’m really glad that they’re balancing his humor and his strategy. I was afraid he’d turn into a Coach… somebody who was awesome the first time around and a total gamebot the second time. But his dry, sarcastic, ass-holey sense of humor continues to delight me. I love that he isn’t afraid to make moves, and isn’t afraid to take credit for the moves. His bold style of gameplay might have screwed him over in the past, but it’s really helping him out this time around.

1. Ciera- THIS GIRL. I’M DEAD. I CAN’T HANDLE HER. I don’t know what we did to deserve such a Goddess gracing our screens, but I guess God smiled down on us. I don’t care whether her moves are perceived as good or not. I’m aware that we’re seeing three days worth of footage in a forty-five minute span. I’m not going to presume to know better about Ciera’s game than she did. Going to the Final Three with Hayden and Caleb was probably a terrible idea for Ciera. Going with Tyson and Gervase is probably a lot better for her. It’s impossible for viewers to know everything that goes behind moves; because there’s SO MUCH that we don’t see. And it’s usually the smaller things. How often contestants make other’s laugh. The secret deals that go on. Pre-game alliances. There are SO many factors that viewers don’t see, so I won’t judge Ciera for making what was mostly likely a good decision. And even if it wasn’t a good decision… who cares? It was fantastic television. That’s what I tune in for. I love her. And all I want is to be her friend. <3

Survivor Cast Ranking

Okay, let’s get this show on the road with this last episodes rankings! (My life’s been so busy I just watched it)

8. Caleb- He got more air time… he’s still dull and ultimately not important to the grand scheme of things. He pulled off one of the biggest blindsides of the game, yet he still appears to be nothing more than a vote. He seems like a nice guy, but I’m really hoping to see some relevance.

7. Katie- Same thing with Caleb… she seems really nice, but her overall demeanor is a bit more low-key and drab. I like characters on Survivor to be excited and loud and to have the ability to draw the audience in, and I don’t see that in her yet. Still though, I’m happy she made it past another round.

6. Monica- D’Awwwww, poor Monica. No Confessionals. BUT she did have that epic moment of giving up her reward. She’s really a good person at heart, so what if she’s a bit paranoid? I just hope she isn’t being set up as a FTC goat, because she really is a nice mom at heart. There might have been some politics in her decision to give up her reward, but ultimately I think she did it because it was the nice thing to do.

5. Hayden- I’m glad he isn’t being shown as just another lughead jock, like I was afraid he would be. Because after watching Big Brother life feeds, I know that Hayden’s a REALLY good strategist. He was a main reason for the Brigade sticking together. Even if it’s not being shown on the show, I know he must be strategizing 24/7 out there. If he got a bit more airtime, he would be up higher on the list.

4. Gervase- He’s always someone I want to put on the top, but he never has the airtime to make it there. Which is sad, because Gervase is just so chill. He’s like the kind of guy you want to hang out with after the show. Maybe I’m basing it off of his laugh, but he always sounds like he’s up for a good time and I JUST WANT TO BE HIS FRIEND. He IS playing a good strategic game though. He lying low, letting Tyson take the bullets for him, and making friends along the way.

3. Tyson- #TheBigBadWolf. One of the best hashtags since #SurvivorBreakdown. I hope Tyson’s gameplay doesn’t bite him in the ass jury-votes wise, if he makes it that far. Because with the game he’s playing, he really does deserve a million. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he got blindsided though, I don’t think he realizes just how big of a target he’s painting on himself.

2. Laura M. – Ugh, her confessionals about her relationship with Ciera were absolutely amazing. That whole clip about how watching her daughter mature was worth more than a million dollars in her eyes… That was just so raw and real and emotional and absolutely a staple moment of the season. So much of Survivor has turned into strategy talk, and it’s so refreshing to see moments like Laura’s last episode.

1. Ciera- OH MY GOD. THIS GIRL. THIS FREAKING GIRL. NO WORDS. I CAN’T HANDLE HER. Jesus, she was absolutely AMAZING. Like my heart probably stopped multiple times. Her whole emotional response to the idea of voting her mother off, her actually VOTING her mother off, and everything in between was priceless television. And this girl has GAME! When she sat back and laughed to Katie about finding the idol… it was like an injection of crack cocaine. But instead of illicit drugs, this was one of the best episodes in recent Survivor history. And it was thanks to her.

Survivor Cast Ranking- Merge Episode

All right! We are at the merge! And what a fantastic merge episode it was. God, I LOVE this season. Great editing, great storylines, great characters, great votes… it’s just a great season. Now for the ranking…

11. Caleb- Yeah… he was invisible. Which I hate, but I can kind of understand why. He’s just kind of there, which is saying a LOT about someone who helped lead the biggest blindside of the pre-merge. I think he’s just kind of a more dull person overall.

10. Katie- Same with Caleb, she just isn’t a super extroverted, exciting character to watch. She got a few strategy scenes in this past episode I think, but again, nothing particularly exciting. Which makes me sad, because I want her to go to the end with her mom. Hopefully after this past episode, being in an underdog position will help her shine.

9. Tina- Nooooooo Tina!!!!!!!! She was rated second highest in my entire pre-merge ranking, but she drops for the merge episode just because she wasn’t shown a lot. I hate the fact that she’s in the minority, her pre-show alliance with Aras really kicked her in the butt. Had she not been with her daughter, and had she not been so close to Aras, Tina would have been kicking some serious ass. But I hold confidence in her ability to rebound. She is Tina WESSON after all.

8. Monica- She just seemed kind of out-of-it this past episode, which makes me sad. I don’t like the negative edit she’s been given these past few episodes, because I don’t think it should apply to her. So she talks strategy a lot? That’s kind of the POINT of Survivor. I know I would be super paranoid out there everyday, so I don’t try to judge her.

7. Aras- And down falls King Aras. Honestly this was one of the best ways for Aras to go, in a huge blindside. With all the hype building up Pre-Merge, it would have been almost disappointing to not see the plan fall through. I hope he lasts on RI though, he’s fun and easy to root for.

6. Laura M. – I have to admit, I was a little bummed that John didn’t come back, but that doesn’t stop me from being happy that Laura M. is back in the game. She’s just that cool mom that everybody wants to have. And she’s also kind of a badass at everything she does. I’m happy she survived the first vote after coming back from RI, it’s always a little sad to see returnees getting voted off right away.

5. Hayden- I freaking LOVED Hayden the episode before the merge, where Kat was eliminated from RI. He’s just this loveable, buff guy who has a natural way of narrating to the audience. He was a bit low-key for the merge episode, but we still got some awesome strategy confessionals. Despite what little they’re showing us, after watching him on the feeds from BB12, I know Hayden was probably strategizing 24/7 out there, which is something I can appreciate as a fan.

4. Gervase- The only thing stopping him from being ranked higher is that his edit is slightly more lower-key than the other three. But Gervase just appears to be this fun loving goofball who’s playing a game he loves. And I feel that as a viewer and I respect that. I always love his scenes with Tyson, and if Gervase ends up making FTC I only hope that he gets equal credit for the moves that he made with Tyson.

3. Ciera- Ugh this girl is fiercer than Tyra Banks. LOVED her scenes about her mother, and how Laura coming back into the game could end up hurting her. That’s just another awesome dynamic that this season offers and I love it SOOOO MUCH. Ciera’s just this awesome fighter who’s been an underdog since the beginning. I think she has SERIOUS game and I want her to go far.

2. Vytas- I know, it’s super mainstream to love Vytas, but he’s just kind of awesome. He got a bit cocky in the merge episode, but he had a right to. Now that his brother’s been blindsided, we’re going to see Vytas be put in the underdog role he just so naturally fits into. It’s just so easy to root for Vytas, because he’s just such a nice guy.

1. Tyson- Again, nabbing the number one spot is Tyson. He’s just overall kind of awesome. I love how he’s playing a brilliant strategic game but still trolling his tribe the entire time. His dry, sarcastic sense of humor is just so funny and works so well with the character he portrays. Well… it’s not a really a character, it’s Tyson! I am SO happy he got brought back for a third time, because he’s really delivering this season.

My Prediction for Episode 7

So there’s only an hour left until the show starts…. Which means it’s time for a prediction! Well, not necessarily a completely accurate prediction, just what I WANT to happen.

So what would make this episode perfect in my eyes? In the RI duel, Hayden takes Kat’s spot and promptly loses, eliminating Hayden in the game. That would mean that Laura M. and John live to fight another day.

Then, Galang would lose the next challenge. Monica would overplay her hand and decide to target Katie, in order to better isolate Tina. Monica, Laura B., and Vytas all vote for Katie. Monica and Laura B. because that way they can trust Tina more, and Vytas to save his own skin. Katie is completely blindsided and is eliminated from the game.

So those are things that I WANT to happen. Will they happen? Well… I guess I’ll see in an hour. ^_^

Survivor Cast Ranking- Pre Merge

All right, instead of trying to recap three episodes at once, I’ll just be doing an entire pre-merge analysis of the remaining contestants. So brace yourselves, because there is a whole lot of amazingness coming your way.

Starting with our Redemption Island contestants…

Laura M. – Can I just say that this girl HAS RI? I called it as soon as she was eliminated, she’s coming back into the game. She’s really good in challenges, excels in puzzles, and has more drive than either Kat or John to re-enter the game. It’s clear that her relationship into her daughter is absolutely full-proof, and that’s what she’s fighting for. Her bond with her daughter is going to get her through RI, and I want it to. I think Laura is a great game player, and I think she, above anyone else, could recover after getting voted out.

John- I WANT John to return so bad… He was such a great character in all of the episodes he was competing in. But I just don’t see it happening, with his current edit. He hasn’t talked at all for a while, which makes me worried. I’d be ecstatic if he got brought back, because he just has a natural way of narrating that makes him easy and comfortable to watch. But even if he did get brought back, who does he have? Laura and Kat both have their loved ones still in the game, John would be all by himself in a season where being by yourself could very easily be a death sentence.

Kat- Ugh, I felt so bad for this girl. If she had a larger pre-merge edit, I’d be comfortable saying that she’s coming back in the game. It just SUCKS that she might be going home for good, because she got voted off for actually PLAYING the game. She was an aggressive strategist, which is something I respect. And it was obvious how bad she wanted to be in the game, and how bad she wanted to make merge. I just think she’s a sweetheart and I love rooting for her.

And then for our current competitors…

11. Katie- Let me just make it clear… I like everybody left in this game. All of the people I thought would be annoying or boring, (Colton, Rupert, Brad, Rachel), got voted off already. I just think that compared to everybody left, Katie hasn’t left a huge impression. She just seems like a nice, sweet girl playing the game with her mom. We haven’t really seen her strategizing yet, or actively playing the game, so she ends up on the bottom this time around.

10. Hayden- I don’t like the edit Hayden’s being given, I love Hayden as a person. Hayden’s being portrayed as kind of a thick jock-like character, we aren’t seeing him strategize that much. And I KNOW that’s not what’s happening, because Hayden was a God in terms of strategy in BB. I really, really want to hear his thoughts on the new tribe and hear what plans he’s coming up with, because Haydens a lot smarter than he’s being portrayed.

9. Caleb- Caleb was AMAZING in Brad’s boot episode… in terms of strategy. But that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s boring as a character. He pulled off one of the most surprising shifts of power in Survivor history within the span of a few minutes, but he seemed about as excited about it as he would be about buttering toast.

8. Monica- I LOVE Monica, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that these past few episodes, we’ve only seen strategy from her. Monica ended up on the top of my ranking week 1 because of the mixture of her personality and her strategizing. There needs to be a healthy mixture, and right now we’re only seeing her DOMINATING the game on a strategy level. I think she’s a great player, I just hope we get to see more of her as a person.

7. Ciera- Ciera’s great whenever she’s on screen, it just sucks that her airtime has gone down these past few episodes. I just love how much she’s fighting to be there, it’s obvious that she’s appreciating every single day. She’s just a great character, somebody who’s easy to root for, and I’d love to see her make it to the end.

6. Laura B.- I never thought that pre-show, she’d be in my top six. But Laura is just an incredible underdog, really easy to relate to, and somebody who you want to see happy in the game. I think most people are suckers for a good underdog story, and Laura’s entire storyline has been about trying to fit in with a group of people who she’s just naturally not going to fit in with. I don’t know how much farther she’s going to get, but I’m rooting for her!

5. Aras- Why is Aras so perfect at everything he ever does? Ugh, he’s even good looking too! I love his image of being a Golden Boy, because I honestly think it’s true. He’s just an honest-to-God nice guy. Like, I just want him to be my friend. That’s all I want in life.

4. Gervase- I swear, it’s not just because I’m still going crazy over the fact that he’s from season one. I honestly think that Gervase is just a goofball, and I love his relationship with Tyson. He reminds me a lot of some of my friends, the one’s who are like, “Ride Or Die Status”. And also, his laugh is freaking awesome. I just wish Marisa was still in the game so I could lump them together. : (

3. Vytas- I almost feel like it’s mainstream nowadays to love Vytas, so let me just clarify this and say that I loved him FIRST. He’s just such a nice guy with a surprisingly adept strategic game. The fact that he’s USING his social game to further his strategic game is the mark of a fantastic player, so I REALLY hope Vytas can last until merge.

2. Tina- THE GODDESS RETURNS. Last episode was really her breakout moment, for me at least. I hated losing Kat, but Tina proved that she’s just as cutthroat now as she was ten years ago. I hate the hypocrisy and sexism of all the people on social media who are calling her a Rat. If a male player like Boston Rob had targeted a member of his own alliance, people would be slobbering all over themselves. But older women have a REALLY hard time being accepted by casual viewers as legitimate strategic players. Or just any woman overall. I think that Parvati was really the only girl who managed to play a strategic game without being called a “Bitch” by the average viewer. I’m Totes #TeamTina

1. Tyson- I was afraid that Tyson was going to be Under-The-Radar this season with the first two episodes, but he has been SHINING these past few ones. His dry, sarcastic humor and completely chilled demeanor are perfected to a Tee, and he’s backing up his fantastic character with an equally fantastic strategic game. I usually don’t like assholes, but Tyson’s a funny asshole, (Ala Johnny Fairplay), so it’s okay.